Vocals and Key´s

Best concert:
Iron Maiden (Wacken 2010)
Favorite bands:
Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, Guns n Roses, Iced Earth, Bullet For My Valentine, Judas Priest, Manowar, Avantasia
Inspirations (musicians):
Dio, Eric Adams, Tobias Sammet and Sascha Paeth and Jon Schaffer
How did you get into music?:
Hey, I'm Mace. I started with music when I was 14.
I got my first electric guitar from my parents. A year later I founded my first rock / punk band. I also played in a cover band for a few years after that and started playing a few of my own songs with an acoustic guitar. During this time I realized how much I enjoyed singing. And now the time has come to publish the first own productions.