Best concert:
Openair concert June 20, 1992 Guns'n Roses in Veitshöchheim Schenkenfeld
Favorite bands:
AC / DC, Queen, Guns'n Roses, Ozzy Ossborne, Metallica, Manowar, Linkinpark …… ..
Inspirations (musicians):
John Deacon (Queen), Duff Mckagan (Guns'n Roses)
How did you get into music? :
I wanted to learn drums when I was 9, but my parents found this instrument too loud. So I got a guitar from my grandma. So my musical career started. From classical music lessons to scrubbing chords. But at some point I realized that this is not the instrument with which I can identify with the drums. So I started with the bass guitar, and behold that was where I can be one with the drums.
No fun without bass